Main Roads WA – Road Worker Safety

Be roadwork aware, slow down and take care

With a number of projects and maintenance work underway across WA, drivers are being urged to be alert and drive safely through roadwork areas.

Published: 18 October 2021, Updated: 18 October 2021

Traffic controllers and road workers are mothers, fathers, brothers, sisters and mates – who deserve to do their job and go home safely to their families.

Follow the signs so we can all get home safely

When road workers and traffic controllers are around, and even when they’re not, you may see signs, temporary traffic signals, barriers and cones letting you know that roadworks are ahead.

It may look like there’s nothing going on, but it’s the hazards you can’t see that we’re protecting you from.

Follow all roadwork signage and the direction of the traffic management crew, even if you can’t see anyone working on the road. They’re there for your safety and the safety of road workers.

Slow down to the signed speed limit

By law, you must follow the speed limit at all times, even when it’s reduced through roadwork areas.

Speed may reduced for an extended period of time. During their shifts, it’s to protect road workers. But once the crew has packed up, speed limits protect you from dangers you might not be able to see including loose stones, different road levels or changes in the road layout.

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